Mantas Mikaitis

Department of Mathematics

Alan Turing Building

University of Manchester

Oxford Road, Manchester

M13 9PL, UK

I am a Research Associate with the Numerical Linear Algebra Group at the University of Manchester, working with Professor Nicholas J. Higham. I received a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Computer Science in 2016 and a PhD degree in Computer Science in 2020, both from the University of Manchester.

During my doctoral degree I was part of two neuromorphic computing projects, called SpiNNaker and SpiNNaker2, that aim to build efficient spiking neural network (SNN) simulators. There I explored numerical aspects and performance of SpiNNaker software and developed hardware accelerators for elementary functions in SpiNNaker2.

My research interests include: computer arithmetic (fixed- and floating-point software/hardware arithmetics), numerical linear algebra, high-performance computing, mathematical software, performance optimization and benchmarking.

Main programming and software skills: C, MATLAB, Python, CUDA, Verilog, ARM assembly, Git, LaTeX, Bash.

I occasionally contribute to the NLA group blog.


Mar 24, 2022 Our recent review paper on stochastic rounding has been featured in an article of the Science News magazine.
Feb 28, 2022 As part of SIAM PP22 conference (23-26 February), Nick Higham and me coorganized a minisymposium on understanding and exploiting matrix arithmetic hardware operations widely available in today’s supercomputers. Abstracts and slides of the talks are available.
Jan 26, 2022 New preprint Matrix Multiplication in Multiword Arithmetic: Error Analysis and Application to GPU Tensor Cores (with M. Fasi, N. J. Higham, F. Lopez, and T. Mary) on error analysis and application of GPU matrix multiply hardware.