Mantas Mikaitis

School of Computing

Sir William Henry Bragg Building

University of Leeds

Woodhouse Lane, Leeds


I am a Lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Leeds. Before this I was a Research Associate with the Numerical Linear Algebra Group at the University of Manchester, working with Professor Nicholas J. Higham. I received a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Computer Science in 2016 and a PhD degree in Computer Science in 2020 (supervised by Dr David Lester and Professor Steve Furber), both from the University of Manchester.

My research interests include: computer arithmetic, numerical linear algebra, high-performance computing, mathematical software, performance optimization and benchmarking.

Main programming and software skills: C, MATLAB, Python, CUDA, Verilog, ARM assembly, Git, LaTeX, Bash.

I occasionally contribute to the NLA group blog.

Mathematics Genealogy Project entry.


Apr 5, 2023 A new preprint: Monotonicity of Multi-Term Floating-Point Adders.
Mar 8, 2023 A fully funded UK 3.5 year PhD studentship working with me on computer arithmetic is available.
Feb 9, 2023 CPFloat: A C library for simulating low-precision arithmetic (with M. Fasi) accepted for ACM TOMS.